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K.P.D.O. Logo
K.P.D.O. Logo

K.P.D.O.'s project of a Regency-style residence in Melbourne, Australia, consisted of a three year restoration and expansion. With a main palette consisting mainly of white and Dulux’s ‘Timeless’ grey, the residence’s interior has been treated in a neutral palette which in turn emphasizes the structural detailing, furniture and wall finishes. Of course ‘Timeless’ was specified after a thorough and intense research, being the ultimate shade in order to compliment the artwork. And it is time consuming details such as these that are so mandatory in order to produce the perfect & controlled balance seen here so much in demand in the world of luxury interiors. Yatzer




Light House

This is a residence where everything has been designed patiently with every detail thought through in every way. All the fixtures have been specified carefully, the furniture pieces have been allocated to give that sense of perfect comfort and we can say without a doubt that this is the work of K.P.D.O. that drew us to the designer Kerry Phelan from the very first glance back in 2005.

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